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Today I would like to talk about quality control of First Baby Shoes products. There are several method to keep your products quality good. For example, An another man checks a product details after finishing sewing. This method is very famous, because many company apply for Research & Development (R & D dep.). The reason why an another man checks a product, not a man who saw or made, because an another man can check a defect or details more objectively.

So let’s talk about leather quality control. Please have a look below pictures.

Those scratches are often on the Β leather. It may appear during processingΒ or it was already on the skin. (Skin means : Before processing leather. After processing, skin become a leather. ) We do care about those scratches. Those are very tiny scratches, so we check very carefully to find and cut them off.

If you found a scratch on your shoes, it couldΒ make you sad πŸ˜‰ We try making good quality products with good quality materials from EU. We hope our very small R & D dep. always operating well for our customers.

Here in Poland is very warm this winter. There is no snow around a city. Still bit cold outside but spring is coming soon πŸ™‚

Have a nice weekendΒ Β and see you soon:)

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