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Hi there,

Today I want to share with you a very life-changing tip for feeding your baby. Normally your baby eats sitting on the high baby chair. Probably you bought the chair encouraged by the shop clerk who was so supportive and sounded as the most experienced parent ever and told you    ‘With this chair feeding is so easy, no mess at all’ , but believe me, there is no chair like this, the mess while feeding is almost inevitable.

dropping food

Probably once you cleaned up after your baby’s meal, you decided  to feed baby more carefully. But I know you failed it. There is no way to do it more carefully. This is impossible! What you can do?


Take a newspaper. Just spread it under your baby’s high chair before starting a meal. It takes a moment to do it, but thanks to it cleaning after meal will take you only 5 seconds. After eating you just need to fold the newspaper with all the food which fell down on it and throw it. This is really stress FREE method for everyone. No worries that the kitchen floor is dirty, no need to clean the floor at all.  This is eco friendly and practical method as well. A newspaper brings you the latest news and helps you during your meal time 🙂 So simple! So brilliant!

If you like it, please share this tip with your friends !

Have a nice weekend  and see you soon:)

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First Baby Shoes wants to create happy time for your family.

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Starting solid foods | First Baby Shoes

Today I would like to write about introducing solid foods. It is said you should start your baby on solids between 4 and 6 months. Firstly, you have to decide what to give your baby as a first meal – fruits or vegetables. We tried vegetables first when my daughter was 6 months old. We started from carrot, potato, pumpkin and then cauliflower.  We wanted to introduce our daughter as many flavors as we could. Every baby has his own taste, so you should try several types of vegetables and see which are preferred. After giving vegetables, we started to introduce fruits solids as well.

Some people say that starting off with fruits shouldn’t make babies less likely to eat vegetables later. But my observation says something different.3 of our friends who started introducing solids from fruits (because they had difficulties to feed vegetable solids), have now problems as their children don’t want to eat vegetable or meals at all. Of course they cook vegetables for them, but children are not in favor of them. My daughter likes vegetables a lot. She doesn’t have any likes or dislikes. Of course she loves sweets a lot, but eats other foods as well.

It seems first solids may be a key point for the future likes and dislikes. Because each baby has each taste and everyone has different family dishes, so the most important thing is trying several types of solids and finding good baby foods for your baby.

I hope this experience and my opinion will help you a bit.

Have a nice time and see you soon:)

First Baby Shoes


First Baby Shoes wants to create happy time for your family.

First Baby Shoes produces unique shoemaking kits.


How do I bath my baby ? | First Baby Shoes

Hi there!

Probably you all know how to hold your baby or wash your baby. While bathing, hold your baby’s neck by one hand and use another hand for wiping or cleaning your baby. Of course we should use clean cotton wool, and gently clean baby up. Those How-Tos are not so interesting and many sites tell you how to do it 😉

bathing your baby

bathing your baby

I have a good tip to calm down your baby during bathing. This method really works, I guess even more than keeping talking to your baby. My tip is really simple. Prepare two cotton wools and put both in a bath to make them wet and warm. Then use one to wash your baby and the other one to cover baby`s belly. Right after you do it, baby will calm down. If not, please let me know;) Anyway, I think each baby has his own way to relax, so you just need to find it out. Hope this method helps you as well.

Have a good weekend !

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How my baby learnt to walk | First Baby Shoes

Hello again, I am a father of two lovely girls !

Today I would like to introduce you how my daughter started walking. One day she could stand by herself with our support. We were holding her hands to keep her balance.  She could also stand up by herself with keeping her hands on the carton box. Carton box was really nice for her to experiment with her balance. The box was pretty big, almost reaching to her chest. After few minutes of playing with a carton box, she started pushing it and walking. That was the moment “WOW! she walked alone! ” . Of course after few seconds she fell down, because her hands slipped from the box 🙂

carton box first walk

carton box first walk

I think each baby has his own pace to start walking, so you don’t need to worry about your baby, even if your friend’s baby who is same age already started walking a few month ago. My baby’s fist walk was with a carton box, but your baby may invent more unique way 😉

Thank you for your support.

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First Baby Shoes wants to create happy time for your family!

Starting something new | First Baby Shoes

For many people starting something new is difficult, but this is really good for your brain. If you are spending almost all your time on doing the same for the last 6 months, you should start doing something new. This is not so difficult to start. Just make a small step. You can change your way to your office or buy a new book and read it during your lunch time instead of staring at your computer. You can start new things , even from today on the way back to home.

When I struggle in my daily life, I always try to find the way to refresh my mind. This is the high time for me to do something new and this method works for me very well. If not I will try to find another way, for example do some sports to get sweat and get rid of stress from my body.

First Baby Shoes

Many people think that I don’t feel good, because I have too much work or too much stress. It happens to you when you lose balance between mental and physical side. So that your brain automatically starts giving you a signal to slow down. If you don’t listen to your natural alarm, you may have a big problem in the future.Maybe this is time to sew First Baby Shoes and get back your balance 😉

Keep your life in balance !

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Things to do during your maternity leave | First Baby Shoes

At the beginning of maternity leave you are totally involved in taking care of your newborn. But with time your baby starts to sleep more and more during a day and as you do not need to have such long naps, you start to have more free time just for you. What to do? Running out of ideas?

Many mums take up crafts. This may have to do with baby, or it might have to do with starting a business with whatever you make. We love the idea of making FIRST BABY SHOES. Our company has designed cute shoe making kits. They include everything one needs to make a pair of baby shoes – leather parts, needles, thread and easy sewing instruction.  You just need 2, 3 hours to complete a pair of shoes. While your little baby is taking a nap, you can make shoes for him. Isn’t that great? You can choose from different models and colors. Kits are available online in our store.

On maternity leave, many mums start cleaning the house and throwing away unneeded items. But do not be too obsessed with it. The mess in the house with kids is normal;)

Maternity leave is also the perfect time to catch up with friends. Find some time to go for a lunch or coffee. Relaxing chat with friends will give you lots of energy for sure.

But remember, you don’t have to do anything while on maternity leave. You can just sit, look at your new baby and enjoy this special time.

How it looks like baby poop ? | First Baby Shoes

Hello again, I am father of 2 children.

Today I would like to write about how baby poop looks like.

Why? Actually, I am writing about baby poop, because one of my friends was worried about her new born baby’s poop. She couldn’t consult with anyone that her baby’s poop was looking like water. Baby poop isn’t water, but if a baby is nursed, it is not solid poop and this kind of water look is normal. When she got to know it, she felt great relief. When I think about how worried she was, I feel sorry. Now we laugh at this story, but for her it was not funny at all, I guess.

Baby’s normal poop color is mustard yellow. I don’t have an experience, but if poop’s color is green or black, this is not a good sign. I recommend to consult it with a doctor. I read that in case poop’s color is red, this is really a bad sign and you should immediately call a doctor and tell him how it looks like. This may be because of the milk allergy, infection or as a result of tears inside anus.

I am not a specialist of baby’s poop, but my babies often had problems with a poop. I don’t know why but sometime they had difficulties to make a poop.  In this case if you help your baby to change a position (I recommend you to take her legs up at first) and wait for a few minutes. It works very well to my babies 🙂

This was not a good theme to talk about in public, but I though this is necessary to talk, because probably there are moms who are in similar situation like my good friend was 😉

Have a good weekend and nice time with your family!

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Sewing baby shoes for your baby can be a great way to spend really nice time and after finishing sewing a pair of shoes you will be proud of yourself  for sure! 

How to smooth babies when they start crying. ( 0 – 3 months ) | First baby Shoes

I am a father of 2 children. Below opinion is based only on my personal experience.

  1.  Hold your baby on your arms and change her head position.
  2.  Check the pampers.
  3.  Give her some milk.

In case those 3 methods are not working on your baby, I guess she wants to poo. You can very softly massage her stomach or move her legs slowly up and down.( it looks like riding a bicycle. )

I would like to add some more details to each method.

  • She needs to be held or burp

Probably all babies like to be rocked. You can walk around with her for a few minutes and rock her gently. I do tap very often on her back when I am holding her on my arms.

Changing position means changing her stomach position. Babies often want to burp in head up position. It’s possible that they do burp even not right after nursing. (

i don’t know why but my baby did so many times.)

  • She is not comfortable with wet pampers

Just change it;)

  • She is hungry

This is the most often reason of your baby’s cry. In this case you need to ask her mum to nurse or make a formula milk which needs to have 35-38 degrees temperature ( Human body temp.) . I heard from my wife that it was difficult to nurse at the beginning, because some time milk didn’t come out. I don’t know the system exactly, but my wife could nurse after all. I can’t say good advice about it, but be patient and relax. This is the best for nursing.


If your baby is still crying. You may try one from the list below.

  • Give a dummy
  • Change the clothes ( maybe too hot or too cold )
  • Make some noise
  • Go outside or on the balcony ( make sure you and your baby’s clothes are proper before going out )

Well… personally I don’t want to recommend to do this but it works.

  • Take your baby and go drive*

*this may be harmful for your pocket. If you use this method always, babies cannot sleep without night drive. Probably this is the last thing you want 😉

As a father I strongly advice: DO NOT BLAME YOURSELF. This is not your fault that baby is crying. This is normal and in first 2 months a colic may drive you crazy, but after 2 months you will start recognizing what your baby wants. In this period if you have any difficulties, ask a partner or someone to support you. You need help.

If you worry about your baby`s cry , you can consult with a doctor.

If one of those tips works for your baby’s cry, please spend your free time to sew First Baby Shoes 🙂

Baby toenails | First Baby Shoes

Taking care of baby feet and toenails from the beginning, and doing it right, will guarantee your baby healthy feet and healthy toenails for the course of their lives. Baby toenails are very thin and delicate.


They need to be cut only when they are long enough to do so. Remember not to cut the toenails too short. The length of the toenail should be the same as the length of the toe. Always cut the toenails straight across. Thanks to it, the toenails will grow straight and ingrown nail won’t happen. Use special baby scissors with rounded tips or a clipper. 

baby nail care


Many parents find it’s easiest to cut nails when baby is sleeping. I think it is the best to do it during a daytime nap so there is plenty light to see what you are doing. Try not to worry if you do draw blood — it happens. Apply gentle pressure with a clean, lint-free cloth or gauze pad, and the bleeding will soon stop. 

Hope you found above advice helpful.

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