Kids are growing very fast!

We all know that kids are growing very fast. When I talk to my friends they all say the same thing:”I just cannot believe that my little boy/little girl is not little anymore”. We notice how fast they grow looking at their clothing – T-shirt’s sleeves are getting too short, long trousers became shorts. The same thing is with shoes, but it is more difficult to notice. Our small kids won’t let us know when shoes are too small for them. That is why we have to care about it and check it pretty often.

As a shoe making company we advice to measure your baby feet every six to eight weeks. Do so until the age of 4. Your baby’s shoe size will be growing about 2 sizes a year during this period. Once your kid hits 4, you can measure his shoe size every 3 months.


First Baby Shoes

Don’t know how to measure your baby’s feet? It is pretty easy and you can do it at home. You will need a sheet of paper, a pencil or pen and a tape measure. Have your child stand on a piece of paper. Mark at the heel and the longest toe on both feet, making sure toes are flat and not curled. Measure the distance between the marks.Remember to measure the length of both feet. If one foot is larger, fit to the larger foot. Allow no more than 1.5cm extra for growth room.

If you would like to check the shoe size of your baby, you can print out at 100% our measure sheet.


It is good to remember that like an adult’s, babies’ feet are slightly bigger at the end of the day. It is the best time to check a shoe’s size.

Enjoy your children while you can as they grow very fast!

First Baby Shoes


First Baby Shoes wants to create happy time for your family.

First Baby Shoes produces unique shoemaking kits & soft sole baby shoes.

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Sewing Tips – Rie model | First Baby Shoes

Sewing Tips for RIE model

First Baby Shoes inspired by ethnic snow boots has created RIE model. It is lightweight, warm, and breathable and looks great too. Wearing RIE model a baby will enjoy a soft wool lining, a wide toe box and soft leather upper. The sole of this model is curved. Therefore sewing the toe area of this model is a bit different. Please have a look at the pictures below.

DIY baby shoes

First Baby Shoes Sewing Tips

As you can see, needle goes diagonally a bit. This is because of the different lengths between the sole and the vamp. Actually this difference in length makes the sole curved.


Don’t worry, you won’t miss any holes, keep sewing and have fun!

If you like it, please share with your friends and try shoe making. Sewing is fun!

Have a nice time and see you soon:)

First Baby Shoes


First Baby Shoes wants to create happy time for your family.

First Baby Shoes produces unique shoemaking kits.


Christmas gift | First Baby Shoes

Looking for a Christmas gift?
Our kits will make happy all crafty mums, expectant parents, 1-year-olds and many others. Now we ship them from our web shop for FREE!!!!!

Take advantage of Christmas holidays and find some time to sew shoes. Sounds difficult? Nothing could be more wrong!

With First Baby Shoes kit sewing shoes has never been so easy! Inside our kit you will find all you need to do it – needles, thread, leather pieces and instruction sheet. Give it a try!

Satisfaction guaranteed;)

Dressing inspirations |First Baby Shoes

Do you let your kids wear what they like?

It is said that letting kids choose their own clothes helps foster their independence, gain a sense of their own style, and allows them to learn how to match colors and patterns.

No matter how much thought you put into what you purchase, kids will find a way to put their own over-the-top stamp on their clothes. You may need to just smile at their unique style and know you’re building their self-esteem.

Here are some dressing ideas from First Baby Shoes. You may try them before your kid starts to pick out his own clothes.

Sewing service |First Baby Shoes

We have received so many requests that we decided to start the sewing service. What does it mean? Very simple. You choose one of our kits and First Baby Shoes staff will sew them by hand specially for you. We need 2 working days to complete such order.

So do not hesitate! We will be happy to help you. If you are too busy to sew it by yourself or just have two left hands to sewing, please write to us and we will sew a pair of shoes for you.
Below some of the shoes we have already sewn for you.

Styling ideas with First Baby Shoes

Winter is coming. Wondering how to dress your baby to keep him warm and stylish ? Look at our cold weather dressing inspirations.

Fall and winter conditions call for baby shoes that can keep little feet warm and toasty.

First Baby Shoes inspired by ethnic snow boots has created RIE model. It is lightweight, warm, and breathable. Wearing RIE model a baby will enjoy a soft wool lining, a wide toe box and soft leather upper.

Top 5 baby gifts you can sew | First Baby Shoes

Handmade gifts are extra special and often stay with the families long after baby has outgrown them. If you want to give something to new mama or mama-to-be, here are some good ideas.

1. FIRST BABY SHOES shoe making kit

You can sew a pair of little shoes by yourself or present it as a kit, so that new mama can sew it by herself. Anyway, it will be super cute!!!!

2. Baby changing mat

Every new parent needs it! Very useful and can be sewn quickly.

3. Bib

Bibs make great homemade gifts for baby. All kinds of designs to choose from: back snap or velcro closure, side closure, back ties, and even pullovers, all so easy to make.

4. Baby mobile

Mobiles can occupy babies for long stretches of time, and can be a great addition to the nursery. Handmade ones are truly unique!

5. Handmade toys

Handmade toys are a fun and playful solution. Bright colors and soft textures make these play things especially appealing to the little ones.

Learning to walk | First Baby Shoes

Learning to walk is one of the greatest achievements in your baby’s life. Many parents are anxious about when it will happen. Most babies get up and go when they’re around 14 or 15 months. Don’t worry if your baby takes a little longer. Remember that every baby learns to walk at his own pace. Some children don’t walk until they are 17 months or 18 months old.

If your baby is doing any of the following, walking is not far behind:

  • Rolling around
  • Crab walking
  • Scooting
  • Climbing stairs using his hands

As your baby learns to walk it’s a good idea to keep his feet as free as possible. Let him toddle barefoot. Going barefoot helps him to improve his balance and coordination. If cramped by tight shoes or socks, your baby’s feet can’t straighten out and grow properly.

When your baby starts walking around outside, then it is high time to buy a first pair of shoes for him. You can buy a ready made shoes or try to sew them by yourself. With FIRST BABY SHOES shoe making kit you can do it easily. All the shoe parts pre-cut and holes pre-made, two needles and a special yarn are in the kit. You just need 1-2 hours to sew them. Lots of fun and satisfaction guaranteed.

What do baby shoes mean to us? | First Baby Shoes

Hi! I am a designer of First Baby Shoes. Today I would like to share with you my idea of baby shoes. I think baby shoes should play a role of protectors of little feet. In designing shoes the most important are:

  1. Protection
  2. Material
  3. Support

first baby shoes design

The main purpose of shoes is protection. When your baby wants to walk outside, shoes are needed. They are to protect little feet. Of course inside a house, bare foot will be the best for baby to learn how to walk. I guess that as bare foot was designed by nature, it is the perfect shape for walking. But we need shoes when we walk outside, so that we love to have comfortable shoes.

The feet sweat a lot during walking and socks help to adjust the moisture level inside the shoes. Therefore, material is very important. In my opinion, natural leather is the best. It is soft, flexible and breathable.

There are several theories about shoes’s hardness. Some people say hard shoes are the best, others say that soft ones are the best.  This is very controversial, so I will skip this, but for babies who start walking or leaning how to walk, shoes ,which give the feeling similar to one while walking bare foot, are the best. Our shoe making theory is based on natural design.

Let’s make our life simpler and happier!

First Baby Shoes

Buying first baby shoes |First Baby Shoes

Once your child takes first steps, it is time to buy him a first pair of shoes. What kind of shoes should you choose? What should you pay attention to?

First, flexibility. Make sure you can bend and twist them every which way. First shoes cannot be stiff.

Second, Breathability. Soft leather is the best. Avoid stiff leather shoes, which can hinder foot development. Synthetic materials, which don’t breath, are not good as well.

Roominess. Make the thumb test. You should be able to fit your thumb in between your baby’s biggest toe and the end of the shoe. You need to press down on it from the outside while your child is wearing it. And the first shoes should also pass the pinch test — at the shoe’s widest point, you want to be able to grasp a bit of its material between your fingers.

It is good to choose shoes with shoelaces as they keep feet much better than Velcro. Make sure shoelaces are long enough to tie into double knots, so they won’t come undone.

Shoe making kit “First Baby Shoes” gives everyone a chance to create a FIRST pair of BABY SHOES. Our shoes are made of natural leather and have flexible soles. They are designed to protect tiny tootsies.