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BIG CHANCE | First Baby Shoes

First Baby Shoes

Big chance only this month!
Buy 1 kit and 1 pair of soft soles and we will ship it for you for FREE!

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First Baby Shoes


Christmas gift | First Baby Shoes

Looking for a Christmas gift?
Our kits will make happy all crafty mums, expectant parents, 1-year-olds and many others. Now we ship them from our web shop for FREE!!!!!

Take advantage of Christmas holidays and find some time to sew shoes. Sounds difficult? Nothing could be more wrong!

With First Baby Shoes kit sewing shoes has never been so easy! Inside our kit you will find all you need to do it – needles, thread, leather pieces and instruction sheet. Give it a try!

Satisfaction guaranteed;)

Best baby shower gifts | First Baby Shoes

A baby shower is a great time for parents-to-be to receive the gifts they need to help them get ready for parenthood. Here’s our list of baby gifts worth giving to new parents.

1. First Baby Shoes kit

Make your baby’s first pair of shoes even more extra-special by sewing them yourself. With First Baby Shoes kit, parents-to-be can actually do so without going crazy! It comes with all the leather pieces, needles and thread you need (and clear instructions) to create a one-of-a-kind pair just for your kid. The kits come in one size only (12cm) which is based upon the average size of first walkers. First Baby Shoes kits are available in different colors and different designs.

2. Children books

How about giving some nice children books? You can present the one you liked the most when you were a child or choose something from new titles.

3. Diaper bag

If you have a kid you know for sure that it is almost impossible to get out of the house without leaving something behind. Help the new parents and give them a diaper bag. 

4. Baby bath basket

Baby bath basket is fun and practical. Good to include baby shampoo, a mild soap that won’t irritate a newborn’s skin, a soft washcloth, a towel, and some rubber toys to make bath time more fun.

5. Baby blanket

You can buy some nice blankets or handcraft them. Handcrafted ones are the best and often stay with families forever.

6. Nappies

A nappy cake is practical and pretty. 

Any other ideas? Feel free to write them in comments to this post. 


DIY Baby Keepsakes | First Baby Shoes

Congratulations on your new baby. High time to make something super special for him. Here are some lovely ideas.

Make your baby a pair of shoes that he can keep forever and someday tell his kid, “Look what my mom made me when I was a baby.” For baby shoe making kits, please go to¬†


Make your baby a sweet little homemade stuffed toy.

Make a quilt. It will stay with your family forever.

Create your own baby hat.