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Do you know what Paypal is ?


PayPal is one of the most famous online payment methods. Maybe eBay users know PayPal very well. You don’t need to have a PayPal account to use PayPal, you can pay by credit card. VISA, Mastercard, Discovery and American Express are available.

You can use PayPal payment method to buy First Baby Shoes’s products. You can check how the PayPal payment flow looks like on First Baby Shoe’s Q&A page.

This is Wiki link,  if you are interested in PayPal, check it out.


Enjoy sewing and having good time with your family!

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apple watch | First Baby Shoes

Did you feel something new in apple watch?

apple watch and First Baby Shoes

apple watch

I don’t know how apple watch will be considered in the future. Now we are using smart phones as a must have item. Probably smart phone or mobile phone is one of the most important items in our daily life. Some people say I want to throw away my phone, cause I always receive a phone call from the company or a client. If you don’ t have a mobile phone, what will you do? So many people can not stay calm without checking the mobile even one day. Will the next generation be able to live without smart watch? I don’t know what will happen to our life after next innovation. Surely iphone changed our life. You don’t need to open your computer to check Outlook, and you don’t need camera nor video camera with you.

apple watch and first baby shoes

I like this belt, so if I could buy one, I would choose one with this belt. It seems apple watch is the next product in iPod series, but if there is “apple ear phone” for this apple watch, it can be the replacement of iPhone or your smart phone.

This is very interesting product, but you have to think what is the most important for you.

First Baby Shoes

Sewing baby shoes for your baby can be a great way to spend really nice time and after finishing sewing a pair of shoes you will be proud of yourself  for sure! 

Print your own shoes | First Baby Shoes

3D printers are getting more and more popular. People find so many ways to use it – printing parts, instruments, cups, clothing or even buildings! But the project below caught our heart the most – 3D printed shoes!;jsessionid=E649914FB9548E5837394BE21D89CE4E

How about printing your own shoes at home? We like this idea very much.

Maybe First Baby Shoes will also print shoes in 3D printer. Who knows;)

Meanwhile you can check our leather shoe making kits at our website: