Top 5 baby gifts you can sew | First Baby Shoes

Handmade gifts are extra special and often stay with the families long after baby has outgrown them. If you want to give something to new mama or mama-to-be, here are some good ideas.

1. FIRST BABY SHOES shoe making kit

You can sew a pair of little shoes by yourself or present it as a kit, so that new mama can sew it by herself. Anyway, it will be super cute!!!!

2. Baby changing mat

Every new parent needs it! Very useful and can be sewn quickly.

3. Bib

Bibs make great homemade gifts for baby. All kinds of designs to choose from: back snap or velcro closure, side closure, back ties, and even pullovers, all so easy to make.

4. Baby mobile

Mobiles can occupy babies for long stretches of time, and can be a great addition to the nursery. Handmade ones are truly unique!

5. Handmade toys

Handmade toys are a fun and playful solution. Bright colors and soft textures make these play things especially appealing to the little ones.


How to keep little baby feet forever? |First Baby Shoes

We at First Baby Shoes love baby feet. They are tiny, little, ticklish and so perfect. They are just so cute, aren’t they? It is a great idea to create a lasting keepsake of your baby’s little feet. Here are some fantastic ideas.

1. Footprint frame

You can easily make it yourself at home. Baby-safe printing ink pads are available in most craft and baby stores. You can frame it together with your baby’s cute photograph.

2. Baby foot casting kit


3. Shoe making kit First Baby Shoes

How about keeping forever a first pair of your baby’s shoes? With this kit first pair of your baby’s shoes will be handmade by you! A true keepsake!

4. Foot prints from salt dough

Easy to make and very charming. Perfect as a wall decoration.

Your little one’s feet are only going to be this tiny for a short period of time. So rush and do an easy project at home that’s the perfect keepsake.

Have fun!