What do baby shoes mean to us? | First Baby Shoes

Hi! I am a designer of First Baby Shoes. Today I would like to share with you my idea of baby shoes. I think baby shoes should play a role of protectors of little feet. In designing shoes the most important are:

  1. Protection
  2. Material
  3. Support

first baby shoes design

The main purpose of shoes is protection. When your baby wants to walk outside, shoes are needed. They are to protect little feet. Of course inside a house, bare foot will be the best for baby to learn how to walk. I guess that as bare foot was designed by nature, it is the perfect shape for walking. But we need shoes when we walk outside, so that we love to have comfortable shoes.

The feet sweat a lot during walking and socks help to adjust the moisture level inside the shoes. Therefore, material is very important. In my opinion, natural leather is the best. It is soft, flexible and breathable.

There are several theories about shoes’s hardness. Some people say hard shoes are the best, others say that soft ones are the best.  This is very controversial, so I will skip this, but for babies who start walking or leaning how to walk, shoes ,which give the feeling similar to one while walking bare foot, are the best. Our shoe making theory is based on natural design.

Let’s make our life simpler and happier!

First Baby Shoes


DIY Baby Keepsakes | First Baby Shoes

Congratulations on your new baby. High time to make something super special for him. Here are some lovely ideas.

Make your baby a pair of shoes that he can keep forever and someday tell his kid, “Look what my mom made me when I was a baby.” For baby shoe making kits, please go to http://www.firstbabyshoes.com/


Make your baby a sweet little homemade stuffed toy.

Make a quilt. It will stay with your family forever.

Create your own baby hat.

Print your own shoes | First Baby Shoes

3D printers are getting more and more popular. People find so many ways to use it – printing parts, instruments, cups, clothing or even buildings! But the project below caught our heart the most – 3D printed shoes!


How about printing your own shoes at home? We like this idea very much.

Maybe First Baby Shoes will also print shoes in 3D printer. Who knows;)

Meanwhile you can check our leather shoe making kits at our website: http://www.firstbabyshoes.com

AKI model & colorful shoe laces | First Baby Shoes

AKI model is the long seller of First Baby Shoes. This is the standard shoe, very classic but trendy.

There are 4 types of AKI model. AKI model blue, AKI model green, AKI model yellow and AKI model orange. Look how you can change your AKI model First Baby Shoes with our colorful shoe laces. 

FBS_shoe_lace_blue_03 FBS_shoe_lace_pink_03 FBS_shoe_lace_red_03 FBS_shoe_lace_yellow_03

First Baby Shoes recommends those color combinations. We hope you like it.

Thank you for your support.

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