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Hi there,

Today I want to share with you a very life-changing tip for feeding your baby. Normally your baby eats sitting on the high baby chair. Probably you bought the chair encouraged by the shop clerk who was so supportive and sounded as the most experienced parent ever and told you    ‘With this chair feeding is so easy, no mess at all’ , but believe me, there is no chair like this, the mess while feeding is almost inevitable.

dropping food

Probably once you cleaned up after your baby’s meal, you decided  to feed baby more carefully. But I know you failed it. There is no way to do it more carefully. This is impossible! What you can do?


Take a newspaper. Just spread it under your baby’s high chair before starting a meal. It takes a moment to do it, but thanks to it cleaning after meal will take you only 5 seconds. After eating you just need to fold the newspaper with all the food which fell down on it and throw it. This is really stress FREE method for everyone. No worries that the kitchen floor is dirty, no need to clean the floor at all.  This is eco friendly and practical method as well. A newspaper brings you the latest news and helps you during your meal time 🙂 So simple! So brilliant!

If you like it, please share this tip with your friends !

Have a nice weekend  and see you soon:)

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