How to make baby shoes : Sewing Support – Find Holes : First Baby Shoes

How to make baby shoes by First Baby Shoes.
Sewing Support : Find holes NIKA model

First Baby Shoes made this video for one our very important customer who asked us how to sew properly. Sometimes words are not enough to understand and get a view exactly. In such case we make Sewing Support videos for you! If you don’t know how to sew by just reading our paper instruction, don’t worry,it happens not only to you. So please ask us  to make more support videos and we will make the video for each of your question.

Please have a look very very detail sewing video of NIKA model.

1st key point : From 1:15

When you are sewing near to overlap place, be careful to choose correct the corresponding holes.

2nd key point : From 3:37
The hole may be hidden by overlapped leather or sheep wool, watch carefully the overlap place. This is very very important to take a time here.

3rd key point : From 6:51
Another side of overlap place. As you did before, be careful to choose correct the corresponding holes and pass the thread correctly.

FInd a hole which may be hidden by leather or sheep wool.

First Baby Shoes ( ) produce a baby shoes kit.
You can sew your first baby leather shoes easily. This easy shoe making kit includes everything you need to sew baby leather shoes. 2 needles, sewing thread, paper instruction and shoe parts. First Baby Shoes supports you to finish sewing, if you send a photo or message.
Click above to find the most favorite model in First Baby Shoes shop! Easy baby leather shoes making kit.

Playlist links for each model.

Model NINA:…

Model RADO :…

Model SUSU:…

Model NIKA:…

Model RIE :…

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