How to make baby shoes tutorial : Sewing Tips | First Baby Shoes

How to make baby shoes tutorial by First Baby Shoes.

Sewing Tips : Basic stitch

This video show you how to stitch leather parts.


Always draw the needle twice at the beginning and at the end of sewing.
The purpose of this step is to simply fix the thread.

Balance the thread to ensure there is an equal amount of thread on both sides.


For each regular stitch you need to pass one needle from top to bottom through the corresponding holes on the leather parts and bring the other needle up from bottom to top through the same holes.

Keep on stitching, using the same rhythm for every stitch. For example: left needle first, right needle second.

Pull the thread at each stitch. Not too tight, just to keep the stitches even.


When you get to the edge, pass the needle back through the last hole a second time. The purpose of this step is to make the stitch more secure.

First Baby Shoes ( ) produce a baby shoes kit.
You can sew your first baby leather shoes easily. This easy shoe making kit includes everything you need to sew baby leather shoes. 2 needles, sewing thread, paper instruction and shoe parts. First Baby Shoes supports you to finish sewing, if you send a photo or message.


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