Sewing Tips – Rie model | First Baby Shoes

Sewing Tips for RIE model

First Baby Shoes inspired by ethnic snow boots has created RIE model. It is lightweight, warm, and breathable and looks great too. Wearing RIE model a baby will enjoy a soft wool lining, a wide toe box and soft leather upper. The sole of this model is curved. Therefore sewing the toe area of this model is a bit different. Please have a look at the pictures below.

DIY baby shoes

First Baby Shoes Sewing Tips

As you can see, needle goes diagonally a bit. This is because of the different lengths between the sole and the vamp. Actually this difference in length makes the sole curved.


Don’t worry, you won’t miss any holes, keep sewing and have fun!

If you like it, please share with your friends and try shoe making. Sewing is fun!

Have a nice time and see you soon:)

First Baby Shoes


First Baby Shoes wants to create happy time for your family.

First Baby Shoes produces unique shoemaking kits.



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