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Today I would like to introduce one video from TED x Talks in 2012.

Stop learning and start thinking and creating imagination.

Here is You Tube introduction.

Jacob Barnett is an American mathematician and child prodigy. At 8 years old, Jacob began sneaking into the back of college lectures at IUPUI. After being diagnosed with autism since the age of two and placed in his school’s special ed. program, Jacob’s teachers and doctors were astonished to learn he was able to teach calculus to college students.

At age nine, while playing with shapes, Jacob built a series of mathematical models that expanded Einstein’s field of relativity. A professor at Princeton reviewed his work and confirmed that it was groundbreaking and could someday result in a Nobel Prize. At age 10, Jacob was formally accepted to the University as a full-time college student and went straight into a paid research position in the field of condensed matter physics. For his original work in this field, Jacob set a record, becoming the world’s youngest astrophysics researcher. His paper was subsequently accepted for publication by Physical Review A, a scientific journal shared on sites such as NASA, the Smithsonian, and Harvard’s webpage. Jacob’s work aims to help improve the way light travels in technology.

Jacob is also CEO and founder of Wheel LLC, a business he started in his mom’s garage, and is in the process of writing a book to help end “math phobia” in his generation.

Jacob’s favorite pastime is playing basketball with the kids at his charity, Jacob’s Place. It is a place where kids with autism are inspired every day to be their true authentic selves…just like Jacob.

In the spirit of ideas worth spreading, TEDx is a program of local, self-organized events that bring people together to share a TED-like experience. At a TEDx event, TEDTalks video and live speakers combine to spark deep discussion and connection in a small group. These local, self-organized events are branded TEDx, where x = independently organized TED event. The TED Conference provides general guidance for the TEDx program, but individual TEDx events are self-organized.* (*Subject to certain rules and regulations)


Imagination makes your future more beautiful.

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apple watch | First Baby Shoes

Did you feel something new in apple watch?

apple watch and First Baby Shoes

apple watch

I don’t know how apple watch will be considered in the future. Now we are using smart phones as a must have item. Probably smart phone or mobile phone is one of the most important items in our daily life. Some people say I want to throw away my phone, cause I always receive a phone call from the company or a client. If you don’ t have a mobile phone, what will you do? So many people can not stay calm without checking the mobile even one day. Will the next generation be able to live without smart watch? I don’t know what will happen to our life after next innovation. Surely iphone changed our life. You don’t need to open your computer to check Outlook, and you don’t need camera nor video camera with you.

apple watch and first baby shoes

I like this belt, so if I could buy one, I would choose one with this belt. It seems apple watch is the next product in iPod series, but if there is “apple ear phone” for this apple watch, it can be the replacement of iPhone or your smart phone.

This is very interesting product, but you have to think what is the most important for you.

First Baby Shoes

Sewing baby shoes for your baby can be a great way to spend really nice time and after finishing sewing a pair of shoes you will be proud of yourself  for sure! 

How it looks like baby poop ? | First Baby Shoes

Hello again, I am father of 2 children.

Today I would like to write about how baby poop looks like.

Why? Actually, I am writing about baby poop, because one of my friends was worried about her new born baby’s poop. She couldn’t consult with anyone that her baby’s poop was looking like water. Baby poop isn’t water, but if a baby is nursed, it is not solid poop and this kind of water look is normal. When she got to know it, she felt great relief. When I think about how worried she was, I feel sorry. Now we laugh at this story, but for her it was not funny at all, I guess.

Baby’s normal poop color is mustard yellow. I don’t have an experience, but if poop’s color is green or black, this is not a good sign. I recommend to consult it with a doctor. I read that in case poop’s color is red, this is really a bad sign and you should immediately call a doctor and tell him how it looks like. This may be because of the milk allergy, infection or as a result of tears inside anus.

I am not a specialist of baby’s poop, but my babies often had problems with a poop. I don’t know why but sometime they had difficulties to make a poop.  In this case if you help your baby to change a position (I recommend you to take her legs up at first) and wait for a few minutes. It works very well to my babies 🙂

This was not a good theme to talk about in public, but I though this is necessary to talk, because probably there are moms who are in similar situation like my good friend was 😉

Have a good weekend and nice time with your family!

First Baby Shoes

Sewing baby shoes for your baby can be a great way to spend really nice time and after finishing sewing a pair of shoes you will be proud of yourself  for sure! 

Best baby shower gifts | First Baby Shoes

A baby shower is a great time for parents-to-be to receive the gifts they need to help them get ready for parenthood. Here’s our list of baby gifts worth giving to new parents.

1. First Baby Shoes kit

Make your baby’s first pair of shoes even more extra-special by sewing them yourself. With First Baby Shoes kit, parents-to-be can actually do so without going crazy! It comes with all the leather pieces, needles and thread you need (and clear instructions) to create a one-of-a-kind pair just for your kid. The kits come in one size only (12cm) which is based upon the average size of first walkers. First Baby Shoes kits are available in different colors and different designs.

2. Children books

How about giving some nice children books? You can present the one you liked the most when you were a child or choose something from new titles.

3. Diaper bag

If you have a kid you know for sure that it is almost impossible to get out of the house without leaving something behind. Help the new parents and give them a diaper bag. 

4. Baby bath basket

Baby bath basket is fun and practical. Good to include baby shampoo, a mild soap that won’t irritate a newborn’s skin, a soft washcloth, a towel, and some rubber toys to make bath time more fun.

5. Baby blanket

You can buy some nice blankets or handcraft them. Handcrafted ones are the best and often stay with families forever.

6. Nappies

A nappy cake is practical and pretty. 

Any other ideas? Feel free to write them in comments to this post. 


How to smooth babies when they start crying. ( 0 – 3 months ) | First baby Shoes

I am a father of 2 children. Below opinion is based only on my personal experience.

  1.  Hold your baby on your arms and change her head position.
  2.  Check the pampers.
  3.  Give her some milk.

In case those 3 methods are not working on your baby, I guess she wants to poo. You can very softly massage her stomach or move her legs slowly up and down.( it looks like riding a bicycle. )

I would like to add some more details to each method.

  • She needs to be held or burp

Probably all babies like to be rocked. You can walk around with her for a few minutes and rock her gently. I do tap very often on her back when I am holding her on my arms.

Changing position means changing her stomach position. Babies often want to burp in head up position. It’s possible that they do burp even not right after nursing. (

i don’t know why but my baby did so many times.)

  • She is not comfortable with wet pampers

Just change it;)

  • She is hungry

This is the most often reason of your baby’s cry. In this case you need to ask her mum to nurse or make a formula milk which needs to have 35-38 degrees temperature ( Human body temp.) . I heard from my wife that it was difficult to nurse at the beginning, because some time milk didn’t come out. I don’t know the system exactly, but my wife could nurse after all. I can’t say good advice about it, but be patient and relax. This is the best for nursing.


If your baby is still crying. You may try one from the list below.

  • Give a dummy
  • Change the clothes ( maybe too hot or too cold )
  • Make some noise
  • Go outside or on the balcony ( make sure you and your baby’s clothes are proper before going out )

Well… personally I don’t want to recommend to do this but it works.

  • Take your baby and go drive*

*this may be harmful for your pocket. If you use this method always, babies cannot sleep without night drive. Probably this is the last thing you want 😉

As a father I strongly advice: DO NOT BLAME YOURSELF. This is not your fault that baby is crying. This is normal and in first 2 months a colic may drive you crazy, but after 2 months you will start recognizing what your baby wants. In this period if you have any difficulties, ask a partner or someone to support you. You need help.

If you worry about your baby`s cry , you can consult with a doctor.

If one of those tips works for your baby’s cry, please spend your free time to sew First Baby Shoes 🙂

How to choose your first baby shoes | First Baby Shoes

There are lots of theories about baby shoes, but it is very difficult to say which one is correct. Today First Baby Shoes would like to introduce you very interesting fact about baby tiptoes.

First Baby Shoes
First Baby Shoes kit

As you see, when a baby starts walking, he uses tiptoes to keep the balance. They use tiptoes the way we use hands and fingers. It is because baby’s neurons at tiptoes are more active than adult’s one.

Because of this,  when a baby starts walking, he needs shoes with roomy toe area. 

We at First Baby Shoe care about little feet and designed our shoes so that they have enough space at toe area.

Thank you for your support.

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