Why choose leather shoes for babies | First Baby Shoes

First Baby Shoes believe that leather is the best material for baby shoes. Why? 

Natural leather is the best material for shoes because:

  • It breaths. 

In warm weather, leather breathes and helps to absorb perspiration. Thanks to that, baby’s feet are kept cool and dry. But when it is cold outside, it prevents little feet from losing heat.

  • It is soft and flexible.

Baby feet need to have the ability to flex freely that way your baby’s weight is evenly spread out which makes proper balance ensured.

  • It is long-lasting.

Natural high-quality leather is very durable. You just need to take care of it and it will serve you long time. The leather used to make First Baby Shoes is exactly like that – the best. What is more, First Baby Shoes are long-lasting because they are hand crafted with durable stitching. 

Other than these three, there are a lot more of reasons why leather baby shoes are the best types of shoes to use for your baby.



DIY Baby Keepsakes | First Baby Shoes

Congratulations on your new baby. High time to make something super special for him. Here are some lovely ideas.

Make your baby a pair of shoes that he can keep forever and someday tell his kid, “Look what my mom made me when I was a baby.” For baby shoe making kits, please go to http://www.firstbabyshoes.com/


Make your baby a sweet little homemade stuffed toy.

Make a quilt. It will stay with your family forever.

Create your own baby hat.

Baby toenails | First Baby Shoes

Taking care of baby feet and toenails from the beginning, and doing it right, will guarantee your baby healthy feet and healthy toenails for the course of their lives. Baby toenails are very thin and delicate.


They need to be cut only when they are long enough to do so. Remember not to cut the toenails too short. The length of the toenail should be the same as the length of the toe. Always cut the toenails straight across. Thanks to it, the toenails will grow straight and ingrown nail won’t happen. Use special baby scissors with rounded tips or a clipper. 

baby nail care


Many parents find it’s easiest to cut nails when baby is sleeping. I think it is the best to do it during a daytime nap so there is plenty light to see what you are doing. Try not to worry if you do draw blood — it happens. Apply gentle pressure with a clean, lint-free cloth or gauze pad, and the bleeding will soon stop. 

Hope you found above advice helpful.

For more baby foot caring tips, please visit our website: http://www.firstbabyshoes.com/

Print your own shoes | First Baby Shoes

3D printers are getting more and more popular. People find so many ways to use it – printing parts, instruments, cups, clothing or even buildings! But the project below caught our heart the most – 3D printed shoes!


How about printing your own shoes at home? We like this idea very much.

Maybe First Baby Shoes will also print shoes in 3D printer. Who knows;)

Meanwhile you can check our leather shoe making kits at our website: http://www.firstbabyshoes.com

AKI model & colorful shoe laces | First Baby Shoes

AKI model is the long seller of First Baby Shoes. This is the standard shoe, very classic but trendy.

There are 4 types of AKI model. AKI model blue, AKI model green, AKI model yellow and AKI model orange. Look how you can change your AKI model First Baby Shoes with our colorful shoe laces. 

FBS_shoe_lace_blue_03 FBS_shoe_lace_pink_03 FBS_shoe_lace_red_03 FBS_shoe_lace_yellow_03

First Baby Shoes recommends those color combinations. We hope you like it.

Thank you for your support.

First Baby Shoes 


When to put your baby in shoes | First Baby Shoes

There’s no need to put your baby in shoes until she’s a well-established walker. Until then, shoes act as a piece of baby clothing for keeping her feet warm or her socks on, so stick with very soft, flexible bootee-types of footwear made from fabric or very soft leather. Even these could cause damage if they’re too tight, so always make sure they’re the right size. Once she’s moving around, going barefoot as much as possible indoors will help strengthen her arches and leg muscles, and makes it easier for her to spread her toes, which will offer her support, especially on a slippery floor.


Time for proper shoes arrives when she’s been walking steadily for at least six weeks. When choosing a first shoe, pick something with lightweight, flexible, non-slip soles, a soft leather upper and strong, adjustable fastenings. 

First Baby Shoes are made for babies taking their first steps.

_0000009 3

Please have a look at our colorful collection!


Accidentally rediscovered | First Baby Shoes

When you do something very hard and try again and again constantly, sometimes it happens that accidentally you rediscover ( or discover) something very important. First Baby Shoes design shoes for many years, but during designing process we often discover something new. That is why we like our job so much!

Today’s article is about new material. Maybe for many people this may not be interesting, but if this discovery has a big impact on our life, then probably many people will recognize it as a great discovery.

This is article from WIRED category science.


If you hold a sheet close and blow on it, you’ll see the famous face of Marilyn Monroe. Blow on another sheet and a word will appear.

A new iridescent plastic that reveals hidden images with a breath is described in a recent paper published in Advanced Materials. Researchers at the University of Michigan hope to use this technology for anti-counterfeiting purposes, replacing the ubiquitous hologram stickers used on things like luxury handbags and passports with a humidity-activated logo (or celebrity).

Like peacock feathers and butterfly wings, the sheets are iridescent because they are covered with tiny regular structures that diffract light. Their surface is studded with a grid of columns, called nanopillars, each 100 times thinner than a human hair. Previous generations of nanopillars were extremely fragile, breaking when handled or rubbed. By using a blend of polyurethane and epoxy instead of a brittle material like silicon, the researchers were able to make the sheets flexible and durable enough to survive a trip to market.

When a peacock gets wet, it loses its shine. Water droplets scatter incoming light, destroying the intricate interference responsible for its shimmering colors. The researchers accidentally rediscovered this phenomenon when one of them breathed on an iridescent sheet and it became more transparent. To take advantage of this, they used a customized inkjet printer to deposit a thin water-repellant coating in the shape of an image—Marilyn’s face, above. When you breathe on the sheet, water condenses on the sheet and makes it transparent—everywhere but on the outline of her face.

“What you see in these images is just the beginning,” says study author Nicholas Kotov. By adding layers of nanoparticles with interesting optical properties, Kotov hopes to produce sheets that look distinctive and are hard to replicate, at least without state-of-the-art equipment. The difficulty of making these sheets gives them an advantage over current anti-counterfeiting measures—at least for now. But today’s state of the art is in tomorrow’s desktop fab lab, and the cat-and-mouse game with counterfeiters is sure to continue.

Have a nice weekend!

3D printer | First Baby Shoes

Recently articles about 3D printer are everywhere. Someone made a house by 3D printer and others created plastic parts for their hobby. 3D printer has a potential to push normal objects to the next level. This is called innovation by technology. 

I cannot innovate 3D printer nor technology, but I believe that we can use this new technology to create something new. Here is an interesting article from WIRED about 3D printer. 

Here’s a cool new way to tell a story. Michael Burk and Ann-Katrin Krenz, two students at Berlin’s University of the Arts, built an old-school projector that bounces light around a 3-D printed sculpture, creating ghostly, complex shadows. The project, called Kepler’s Dream, started as an investigation into how seemingly obsolete technology can be repurposed for our digital age.

The duo realized that analog projection, though now largely replaced with the digital variety, has some interesting attributes that can’t really be achieved through computing. “It’s more like shadow play,” says Burk. “It’s much more immediate and direct.” The analog format lends itself nicely to a tangible experience, they realized, to something that can be manipulated through touch instead of through a trackpad or mouse.

3D printer

This lead them to creating a 3-D printed sculpture that could project light like a multi-dimensional slide. The metal projection machine is reminiscent of an opaque overhead projector which casts non-translucent objects like books onto the wall. In the case of Kepler’s Dream, the light beams from overhead, and diffused light reflects off the white sphere, before passes through the lenses and onto the wall. What results is a triptych of wall projections with different hues and depths of fields.

The spherical sculpture, designed using Cinema 4D, looks like an alien planet. Look closely and you’ll see a strange topographically diverse land of spikes, valleys and geometric protrusions, all of which are projected onto the wall using the hand-built device. Think of the sphere as a visual choose-your-own-adventure storybook. “Or an analog computer game,” says Burk. The whole idea is that you can control what you see projected simply by twisting and turning the sphere in different directions.

The device looks like the sort of dusty thing you might stumble across in the basement of an old geological library 100 years from now. And truly, watching it in action is mesmerizing and perplexing in the way exploring an alien land for the first time would be. As you spin the sphere around, the projection follows suit, casting a ghostly shadow onto the screen. The shapes and light are foreign and softer than what you tend to get with pixels. “It’s hyper-realistic and fluid,” says Burke. “We hope it tells something about how simple effects that have been around for a long time are still relevant today.”

Check their video up ! It show something new .

First Baby Shoes always seeks new technology to innovate our life.